About NiftyFolder

Nifty Folder is born of a single conviction - we believe that NFTs are here to stay as an emerging standard for digital ownership and will embed themselves in the fabric of the Internet. The NFTs will be essential in the transition from web2 to web3. They are starting to be embraced by brands and are evolving into marketing tools. The next big wave is connecting the NFTs to tangible digital and physical off-chain assets. In that way, the on-chain tokens are a means of managing and trading real-world data assets and resources.

Our mission is to turn NFTs into an efficient tool for secure distribution and monetization of valuable content. We start with enhancing and boosting the utility of existing NFTs. Nifty Folder enables creators to provide additional digital items and rewards to the buyers of their tokens. The NFTs are no longer static images; they instead evolve into a key for delivering and accessing exclusive experiences.


Our team

Leadership team

Emiliyan Enev

Emiliyan Enev


Emil Stoyanov

Emil Stoyanov


Our value

History of ReCheck

The genesis of Nifty Folder is back in 2016 when Emil Stoyanov and Emiliyan Enev co-founded ReCheck. It is one of the first blockchain startups in Central and Eastern Europe to develop practical decentralized products with real-world applications.

Team 0

The team developed ReCheck SDK - a plug-and-play software kit for recording, sharing, tracing, and signing data in an immutable environment. The toolbox facilitates blockchain adoption and enables companies and users to leverage decentralized technologies for increased transparency, security, and privacy.

Team 1

The journey of ReCheck continued with more than 20 implemented blockchain products - including projects for a football club, a platform for intellectual property monetization, a service for private sharing of sensitive data, etc. The company established itself as a reliable blockchain technology partner with vast expertise and an arsenal of battle-proven software components.

Team 2

ReCheck won the biggest Dutch blockchain hackathon, Odyssey Momentum, and implemented a project for the Dutch government. In 2021 ReCheck finished the Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator and focused on developing its proprietary product.

Team 3